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Generally speaking, diapers are made up of three primary components: the outer covering layer, the absorption core layer and the bottom cloth. The outer layer clings to the baby's body, allowing the urine to penetrate quickly and obstruct the infiltration. The surface of the diaper is dry and dry. On the domestic market at present chooses breathable non-woven fabric, will let the baby feel soft and comfortable, and can increase the degree of the inside of the diapers breathable, moisture in the water vapor, and heat can row to the outside of the diapers in a timely manner.

The absorptive core can quickly absorb urine, dissipate urine, or be able to spread it across the core layer through the capillary effect, eventually absorbing and storing urine.

If baby is allergic to diaper, can think to choose cloth diaper. Other, can also think to change a brand for the baby. In general, extremely high quality diapers are less likely to cause a baby's skin allergy.

The back is slightly higher than the abdomen, which prevents urine from seeping through the back. When the treasure is worn in the diaper, if take the symbol of adhesive to be taken as the criterion, first the fixed that the left and right ends, then want to remember to adjust the hem of waist and leg. This can prevent the urine from oozing, and can prevent ruffles to the baby's tender skin.

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