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The development of Air laid paper



With the development of science and technology and the development of industrial technology, the production process of Air laid paper is also improving. So many people are not familiar with the development history of Air laid paper, so we will give you a brief introduction about the development history of Air laid paper industry. In the 1960s Europe pioneered the use of natural fibres as raw materials to create Air laid paper. Danish inventor Carl kronia was the first to use wood pulp to design a dry forming technique, which was launched in North America and Europe in the early 1970s for full commercial production. The first design method is to install a fixed mesh screen as a formator in a real empty box, and then scatter the fibers down. Through the action of vacuum, the fibers fall into the forming network below to form a certain shape of paper. In the late 1970s, Finland's union paper mill and another company, MJ, made improvements to dry paper technology. The improved papermaking technology has been widely used in the 1980s. In the early 80 s, in order to adapt to the production of clean paper, a colleague of crowns and about han. The moss Celtic in forming a rotating cylinder device designed to replace the fixed retinal molding machine, in the field of air-laid paper production process is very competitive. In the mid - 80 - s with the development of chemical industry, especially the emergence of composite fiber, Danish DANKLON composite fibre provided by the company as the goal, design of the horizontal cylinder forming technology, can make use of different lengths, different kinds of composite fiber evenly mixed forming of air-laid paper, wipe the paper. After the continuous improvement, and the composite fiber technology advance rapidly, further improve the production efficiency of the hot and clean paper. In the early 1990s, Danish company MJ introduced the technology of forming mesh to adapt to the demand of composite fiber, so as to adapt to the production of Air laid paper. At the same time, Japanese paper companies have been developing dry forming technology since the 1960s, and through more than 20 years of efforts, a unique set of dry forming long net and round net paper machine has been developed.

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