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Tissue Processing Toilet Paper Rewinder With What Equipment Should Pay Attention To



Toilet paper semi-finished processing machines are three devices, namely, toilet paper rewinder, paper cutting machine, water-sealing machine.

Toilet paper rewinder is the most central of these devices currently higher cost is in the 1880-toilet paper rewinder, eight-hour production about two tons, 2.15 m width can be done of the original paper, using the most advanced PLC computer programming technology, manufactured toilet paper can be comparable with the major brands of toilet paper, more suitable for small and medium sized toilet paper factory.

Since to do toilet paper processing, certainly need do toilet paper of machine has, General do toilet paper processing of friends, are is prepared do a small and medium of toilet paper factory, everyone investment are is compared rational and caution of, so everyone purchase a 1880 type toilet paper processing equipment on can has, it eight hours of production two tons around, 2.15 meters following of original paper are can processing, used PLC computer programming technology automation degree high, compared for novice operation, this sets equipment contains three machine, Respectively is 1880 type toilet paper complex volume machine, with saw cut paper machine and water sealing machine, are is combined everyone of production needs, to carefully development production of equipment, three equipment need three to four a people to operation, toilet paper processing equipment operation and related technology, we will sent professional of master to customer local, on its for free technology training, equipment installation debugging, equipment also will warranty a years provides lifelong technology of support.

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