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How to choose the diaper



Diaper rash is caused by a mixture of urine and stool and cloth diapers (or poor quality diapers) to stimulate the skin and the friction caused by inflammation, from vagina to hips appear reddish phenomenon, the skin will become rough, appear even tiny pimples. A small buttock with a prickly heat, while using an airtight cloth diaper or poor quality diapers can also cause diaper rash. Therefore, it is very important to choose good diapers. Here are the seven rules for choosing diapers:

Good absorbent

Fast absorption can reduce the amount of time the urine is exposed to the skin, which naturally reduces the risk of diaper rash. Absorb more, can reduce the frequency of replacement, less disturb the sleeping baby.


It's important to choose dry and not reseeded, so that sleeping babies can't be disturbed by wet diapers, and can reduce the chance of diaper rash.

Moisture protective coating

High quality diaper will add natural skin-care ingredients to the non-woven fabric on the surface, forming a soft protective layer that contains moisturizing ingredients to nourish the baby's delicate skin.

The leak proof design

Choose diapers with a leakproof design to prevent the baby's excrement from leaking out. Also notice whether the leg protection is too tight and makes the baby uncomfortable.

Texture soft

Baby's skin is delicate, if the diaper is not soft and easy to have friction with the baby's skin, cause the small fart to become red, even be worn out, so the sense is also the important aspect of choice.


The baby's excretion is irregular, which makes it difficult for new parents to master, so when choosing diapers, you should also pay attention to the air permeability of light and thin nappies.

Tailor fit

Each baby's body shape is different, should choose to accord with the cutting design of the baby itself, such as u-shaped close-fitting design, mother had better buy small package first, try several times, find suitable brand.

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