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Laminated Embossed Breathable Backsheet for Baby Diaper
  • China
  • LS-EM1225
  • Xiamen
  • multiple colors
  • 1ton
  • 15days
  • TT,L/C
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Product Details

 Laminated Embossed Breathable Backsheet for Baby Diaper 

1). Factory Price + Strict quality control =100% Quality Guaranteed
2). Timely Feedback Information + Professional Knowledge
3). Certificate Supply: SGS, ISO 9001-2008.

4). Save import cost: professional loading team + reliable shipping agent

Laminated Embossed Breathable Backsheet


1.Material:100% PP 
2.Basic weight: regular 28~31 GSM

3.Width: regular 260-340 mm

4.Thickness: 18-90um

5.Tension strength: MD 700-3000cn/25mm
6.Moisture permeability: 500-5000GSM/24. Hr
7.Water-resistance: Greater than 400mm H2O

 Laminated Embossed Breathable Backsheet


1.Tensile strength for toughness; 

2.Tensile elongation properties for puncture resistance; 

3.Excellent sealing performance over a wide range of temperatures; 

4.Non-toxic, odourless and anti-irritating baby’skin 

 Laminated Breathable Backsheet

Main Applience of Diaper Printed PE Film

1.Disposable personal healthcare products
2.Women’s sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diaper, adult diaper,adult incontinence.
3.Disposable medical protection products
4.Surgical coat, cap, shoe cover

5.Industry protection products

Unbreathable PE film

Why Choose us?

1.  CE,ISO,SGS certificate for hygiene raw materials, non woven, back sheet, hook &loop, spandex, waist band.      Global famous brand for pulp, SAP, glue.

2.  International standard lab testing for raw materials & ready products.

3.  Professional service team: 5 overseas sellers with more than 5 years experience, 3 lab technicien with more than 10 years experience, 3 QC with more than 5 years experience.

4.  Export more than 1000 containers raw materials per year to Asia, Africa, Mid-east, America, Europe countries.

5. All-round service for whole industry including raw materials offer & testing, ready product offer & testing, machine offer & suggestion, chinese technicien offer and so on.

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