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Negative Ion Chip for Sanitary Napkins
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Negative Ion Chip for Sanitary Napkins

It is the only high-tech healthy product with releasing negative ions, anti-bacterial, far-infrared emission, odor removal and human health functions.

Release negative ions:
Anion and anti-bacterial composite chips applied in sanitary napkin can release negative ions.
The Anion can penetrate into human body, bring out the blood clot and inflammation schmutz that deposit in the body for a long time in the Blood circulation.
Long-term using the anti-bacterial anion sanitary napkin can improve the microcirculation, activate collaterals, remove thrombosis and blood poison, Antiphlogisis, soothe the nerves, decompress, improve blood circulation and human microecological balance.Remove the peculicar smell.
The negative ions that released by the chips can effective discompose the peculiar smell of the menstruation and secretory product.
Activate cells--The body that absorb anion can play a role on the cell membrane, promote the exchange of the K and Na ions.
Cleanse the blood-Anion can active metabolism, eliminate wastes and poisonous and harmful substances.
Reduce fatigue-Anion can make body fluid week alkaline and resist lactic acid fatigue element and so on.
Stable plant nerve-- Anion influence the stress function of the plant nerve system, adjust plant nerve disorder.
Enhance the capacity of resistanc-- Anion active meshy endodermis system function,increase the globulin in the blood, improve the quality and quantity of the leukocytes, enhance the its swallowing bacteria functions .
Analgesic action-Positive ions make the body fluid acidic, causing blood circulation impeded and metabolism dull and causing pain substances stay glazed.Inhaled an amount of anion can correct the humoral ph disorder and relieve pain.
 Prolong life -- Anion can effectively remove free radicals, Reduce serotonin contentof the nervous system.
 Negative Ion Chip
Far-infrared function
Anion anti-bacterial composite chip has far infrared function,the the crystal in the chips is a kind of far-infrared material that is very beneficial to human health.The optimal wavelengths of the Far infrared ray that is suitable for the body to absorb is 9.6 muon. However, the far infrared wavelengths of the mimiral crystal in chips is 2-18 muon, And radiated power launch density is higher than 0.04Wcm2. Data above can fully proves that far infrared ray that radiated by the anion mineral crystals can coordinate well with human body and can be thoroughly absorbed by the human body.
 Negative Ion Chip
Anti-bacterial and Anti-septic function
Chips adop unique unmistakable technology,It is compounded of metal ions, rare-earth ions, nanometer tio2, polarity mineral material and has extremely strong anti-bacterial properties (anti-bacterial properties is up to 90%).
 Negative Ion Chip

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