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2018-2021 development analysis of chinese diaper industry



In recent years, chinese baby diapers market presents the fast growth the tendency, the main reason is the sustained and rapid economic growth, to further improve people's material life level, factor analysis on the development of Chinese diapers industry.

1. Advantages.

(1) consumption ability and concept.

The price of baby diapers is appropriately lowered and there is widespread acceptance of the role of baby diapers. At the same time, with the increasing number of elderly people, the increase of urinary incontinence in the elderly and the correct understanding of urinary incontinence are gradually improving. As a result, the demand for adult incontinence products is also increasing. With the increase of purchasing power and the change of consumption concept in our country, the market of diapers will have a rapid growth.

(2) the two-child policy.

Two-child policy open, real estate, baby milk powder, diapers and other industries have release positive information, and the second highest correlation of baby diapers will have substantial growth. In November 2013, the release of the separate two-child policy directly promoted the blowout of the baby diapers market. However, the comprehensive release of the second child will undoubtedly play a huge role in the production and market of baby diapers.

(3) layout of three or four tier cities.

 Currently, third-tier and fourth-tier cities have become the new driving force for China's online consumption. Look from the channel, a second-tier cities, mainly business super stores channel area, consumers are more foreign brands such as pampers, kao, curious, and in three or four line city, especially in maternal and child stores channel, sparrow's advantage more, baby comfortable treasure and other local brands. In recent years, the sales of nappies in third-tier and fourth-tier cities have been growing at a higher rate than the national average, becoming the main battleground for domestic brands.

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