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  • Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day holidays

       The Mid-Autumn Festival is China's reunion day, and the National Day is a day for the whole country to celebrate together. The double festival is approaching. I wish everyone a happy holiday.     Please be noticed our Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day holidays begin ...

  • NISO Invitation Technotextil 2023

      Technotextil is an internationally leading exhibition for industrial textiles and non-woven fabrics. It brings together all vertical aspects of the technology textile industry. From research and development, to raw materials and production processes, and finally to conversion, further treatme...

  • QUANZHOU NISO INDUSTRY CO,LTD in Egypt International Exhibition Center

      Tissue Middle East is the largest paper industry exhibition in Egypt, held annually. Organized by the Egyptian Paper Association (ASA), it is held annually in September in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. The exhibition has been held since 1976 and has a history of 40 years. It is one of the...

  • Wetness Indicator Adhesive Glue for Baby Diaper, Adult Diaper

    Wetness indicator adhesive glue has the advantages of excellent thermal stability, good environmental stability, strong color change, bright color, good washing resistance, resistance to repeated urine intrusion, gradient color change, easy processing and operation, etc. , not only make the diapers ...

  • QUANZHOU NISO INDUSTRY CO.,LTD has got ISO Certification

    In order to improve customer satisfaction and the ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, NISO has applied for and obtained ISO9001 certification  in July 2022. NISO will continue to provide customers with expected and satisfactory qua...

  • Hot Melt Glue for Diaper Backsheet & Frontal Tape Using

    DESCRIPTION Hot melt glue pressure sensitive adhesive is designed for back sheet and front tape of disposable hygiene products. With excellent peel strength, good aging resistance and holding power, light color and low odor, it is suitable for bonding breathable back sheet with nonwoven. PHYSICAL PR...

  • Trends in the Baby Diaper Market

      Despite high market penetration and stagnant growth for baby diapers in developed regions like the U.S. and Western Europe, developing regions, specifically Asia and Africa, are predicted to deliver strong growth opportunities for baby diaper manufacturers in the future.   According to f...

  • Reasons for the soaring price of paper in 2021 (toilet paper / dust free paper / wood pulp, etc.)

    It is found that there are three main reasons for the rise of paper price, but the economic factors can not be ruled out. 1. From January 2021, China has banned the import of solid waste, that is, waste paper. 2. The positive factors brought by the new plastic restriction order. 3. The price of pape...

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