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Fem Hy Goes Natural



  The rate of introduction of new,  natural-based feminine hygiene products is redefining the category as brands both large and small respond to the female’s need for alternative ingredients.        One year ago ANSES released it assessment for feminine hygiene products which recommended that manufacturers improve processes and raw materials to eliminate certain substances from the products. While the study does say that the products assessed do not contain hazardous materials that exceed health thresholds or pose substantial risk to the consumers, females have taken notice. Already, there is legislation in at least four U.S. states that is seeking to demand greater transparency on product labels for feminine hygiene products.

  “Consumer demands are making an unprecedented impact on policy trends for the baby and femcare markets in North America, which is affecting how the industry is making and marketing products,” says Jane Wishneff, executive director at the Center for Baby and Adult Hygiene (BAHP).    “With this increased call for transparency, as well as “natural” and “organic” products, it is more important than ever that messaging regarding these products, whether it be to consumers or to policymakers at the state and federal levels, is based on sound science.”

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