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Hot Melt Glue for Diaper Backsheet & Frontal Tape Using

Hot Melt Glue for Diaper Backsheet & Frontal Tape Using



Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is designed for back sheet and front tape of disposable hygiene
products. With excellent peel strength, good aging resistance and holding power, light color and low odor, it is suitable for bonding breathable back sheet with nonwoven.

Composition: Synthetic Polymer
Softening point (Ring & Ball): approx. 80℃
Appearance: light yellow transparent block
Toxicity: None
Viscosity (Brookfield):
@120℃ approx. 5300 cps
@130℃ approx. 3200 cps
@140℃ approx. 2100 cps
@150℃ approx. 1400 cps

The product can be applied by all standard roller, wheel and slot applicators. Suggested operation temperature is
110℃ to 130℃, depending on machines, substrates, and plant conditions.

Packaging: 1kg wrapped with meltable film, 20KG/ CTN, or with release paper, 25KG/CTN.
Shelf life and Storage: 12 months in properly original packaging, dry and cool environment under 40℃

1. Do not mix with other adhesives. Clean the applicator system thoroughly by paraffin or naphthenic oil
before using new adhesive.
2. Rotate stock-first in- first out. Fill adhesive more times with fewer amounts at each.
3. Material is applied hot. Appropriate personal protective clothing and gloves should be used.
4. Keep containers and premelters covered to avoid contamination.
5. Regular maintenance on the applicator system is necessary lest residual adhesive causes contamination.
6. Operation temperature should not exceed 200℃. Keep plant ventilated and forbid any fire.

We guarantee to provide with well-packed and QC-passed products that in line with description in technical
data sheet. However, we are not responsible for any issue caused by improper operation or wrong usage during
transportation, loading, storage and operation process.

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