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About sanitary napkin
  • Sap paper for sanitary napkin

    Sap paper Application of the product: Usually applied to panty liner, sanitary napkin. Product description: 1. Weight: 45-500 gsm; 2. Width:Min Width 40mm ; 3. Thickness:1.2-1.4mm, based on 45g-120g;  4. TD Absorbency (mm/100s):>4.5; 5. Tensile strength (MD...

  • Airlaid paper for sanitary napkin

    Airlaid paper Application of the product: Usually applied to panty liner, sanitary napkin and diaper. Product description: 1. Color: white; 2. Style:Jumbo roll ; 3. Surface type:Plain or embossed;  4. PH:5.5-8.0. Product Image:   Product functions and features: 1. Absorbing water and oil; ...

  • Soft Expanded Absorbent Paper for Raw Material of Diapers and sanitary napkin

      application It is widely used in hygienic products such areas as feminine and baby hygiene, medical care, industrial cleaning and so on.   Advantage 1.With good absorption capacity 2.Standardization of packaging can reduce warehouse costs. 3.Point break style processing, easy to use. 4.W...

  • diaper raw materials top sheet nonwoven 3D embossed nonwoven fabric PP nonwoven

      Feature of embossed nonwoven fabric 1.Excellent softness. 2.Good filter,good strength & elongation,and good air permeasility.  3.Better eveness,more clear embossing. 1.The product is with very good uniformity  2.Different color to meet the customers' requirement  3.Quick wa...

  • Best Price Breathable Perforated pe film for sanitary napkin

      Unique Features 1.touches soft and fleecy. 2.creates a breathable environment for your skin, thus avoiding discomfort for you. 3.has excellent instant water permeability, offering you a comfortable environment as quickly as possible. 4.has strong tensile strength thus it can endure intensive ...

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