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Carrier Tissue for Nursing Pad Raw Materials

Jumbo Roll Carrier Tissue  is used on  baby diabper,adult diaper,, adult incontience, nursing pad, pet pad, sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, feminine pad,feminine hygien products.

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 Carrier Tissue  for Nursing Pad Raw Materials


Product name:

Carrier Tissue


100%Virgin wood pulp


Regular the top layer:90-100mm,the lower layer: 160mm or

 total one layer:260mm


Regulaer 15-18gsm


1 layer




Wrap the pulp and sap and avoid the absorbent core of diaper to tear or break when the core absorb the liquid.


Women’s sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diaper, adult diaper,

adult incontinence.


Roll with paper tube in the polybag,or according your requirement.

Virgin Pulp Tissue Pape


a. High quality wrap tissue paper used as raw materials for baby diapers has high elasticity and excellent wet  strength.
b. Premium wrap tissue paper for baby diaper making touches soft and fleecy.

c. Breathable wrap tissue paper is eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly.

d.Well-received wrap tissue paper for baby diaper raw materials performs well in water absorption
f.Popular wrap tissue paper helps keep babies' skin dry and enables babies to have a sweet dream over the night.
  Virgin Pulp Tissue Paper

Virgin Wood Pulp Tissue Paper Baby Diaper Raw Materials

Why Choose us?

1.  CE,ISO,SGS certificate for hygiene raw materials, non woven, back sheet, hook &loop, spandex, waist band.      Global famous brand for pulp, SAP, glue.

2.  International standard lab testing for raw materials & ready products.

3.  Professional service team: 5 overseas sellers with more than 5 years experience, 3 lab technicien with more than 10 years experience, 3 QC with more than 5 years experience.

4.  Export more than 1000 containers raw materials per year to Asia, Africa, Mid-east, America, Europe countries.

5. All-round service for whole industry including raw materials offer & testing, ready product offer & testing, machine offer & suggestion, chinese technicien offer and so on.

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