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  • Domtar fluff pulp for baby diaper raw materials
    1. Fluff pulp (also called comminution pulp or fluffy pulp) is a type of chemical pulp made from long fibre softwoods. 2. Our fluff pulp  is a kraft fluff pulp that is bleached without elemental chlorine. 3. This enhanced untreated fluff pulp has been designed to fiberize with a low energy requirement while maintaining excellent fiberization quality.

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  • USA Fluff pulp FR411
     USA Fluff Pulp Baby Diaper Raw Materials  is used on baby diapers & baby nappy, adult diapers, adult incontience, nursing pad, pet pad, sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, feminine pad,feminine hygien products   baby diapers raw materials, baby nappy raw materials, adult diapers raw materials, adult incontience raw materials, under pads raw materials, nursing pads raw materials, pet pads raw materials, sanitary napkin raw materials, sanitary pad raw materials, feminine pad raw materials, panty liner raw materials.   baby diaper machine, baby nappy mahine, adult diaper machine, adult incontience machine, under pad machine, nursing pad machine, pet pad machine, sanitary napkin machine, sanitary pad machine, feminine pad machine, feminine hygien products machine, panty liner machine.   

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