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About baby diaper
hot sell breathable lamination cloth like film materials for making baby diaper



  Unique Properties
1.Perform well in preventing the liquids from leaking out of the diaper.
2.Have soft surface and bring comfort to babies.
3.Have excellent tensile strength.
4.Mild to baby skin and prevent side effects related to babyskin problems.
5.Anti-bacteria and friendly to baby skin.
6.Can be printed with different kinds of beautifu pictures.
7.Wetness indicator in laminated film can inform parents to change the baby diapers in a timely manner so that babies can have a high quality sleep during the night.

  Application of cloth-like laminated film in baby diapers
1.Breathable laminated film is used as the back sheet that prevents the liquids from leaking out of thebaby diaper. 
2.The back-sheet can also be given a cloth-like look, by adding a thin polypropylene non-woven sheet to the film, using either the hot melt process or the heat and pressure method with direct extrusion to the nonwoven.
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