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Breathable Perforated PE Film for sanitary napkin

Sanitary napkin topsheet perforated film

High quality topsheet White Perforated PE Film

topsheet perforated film

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Best Price Breathable Perforated PE film for sanitary napkin


Item Unit Value Test Method
Production Name
Perforated PE Film /
Basic Weight gsm 22gsm+-2g Electronic Balance
Thickness mm 0.3-0.4 Tester
Tensile Strength(MD) g/25mm ≧800 Tensile machine
Tensile Strength(CD) ≧320
Elongation(MD) % ≧120
Elongation(CD) ≧130
Whiteness ≧90 Tester
PH / 5.5-8 PH Tester
% Filler % 0 Tester
% Ash 0 Tester


carton / wrap film

Product features and characteristics

1. It is very soft and comfortable

2. Rich touch and appearance of the product.

3. High orifice area rate and excellent surfactant make it have the excellent strike-through quality.

4. Exquisite pattern design makes it more delicate , more favorable by the ladys aesthetic taste and consumer psychology.



panty liner
sanitary napkin



1.Invest and hold shares in non woven factory, PE film factory, loop & hook factory

Air laid paper and sap paper factory, controlling the raw materials’ quality from its source.


2. Bulk purchase quantities, we can get best prices from factories and share the competitive prices with our customers.


3.One station service, we can mix all kinds raw materials as per customers’ requirement to save their purchase cost, freight cost and flow consumption.


4.Professional QC team cooperate with lab system to control the raw materials’ quality strictly.


5. Responsibility overseas team offer consistent service, 24 hours online service and barrier free communication on English, Russian, Spanish, Farsi and Arabic.


6.Free offer diaper/ sanitary napkin / under pad machine technology service, spare parts service, skilled operator service and lab testing service.

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