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  • Structure Hot Melt Glue(HK505B)
    Structure Hot Melt Glue is used on  baby diabper,adult diaper,adult incontience,nursing pad, pet pad, sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, feminine pad,feminine hygien products . China diaper raw materials,diaper raw materials suppliers,diaper raw materials ,diaper raw material in China,baby diaper raw material suppliers,adult diaper raw material suppliers,baby diaper raw material,adult  diaper raw material,raw material for diaper manufacturing,raw materials for diaper nappy raw materials, adult incontinence raw materials, under pads raw materials, nursing pads raw materials, pet pads raw materials, sanitary napkin raw materials, sanitary pad raw materials, feminine pad raw materials, panty liner raw materials. baby diaper machine, baby nappy mahine, adult diaper machine, adult incontience machine, under pad machine, nursing pad machine, pet pad machine, sanitary napkin machine, sanitary pad machine, feminine pad machine, feminine hygien products machine, panty liner machine. 

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  • diaper raw materials hot melt glue
    Premium hot melt glue for Adult Diapers High quality hot melt glue is used to glue the different components of adult diapers. Hot melt glue is applied to adult diaper raw materials. Hot sale hot melt glue  has high elasticity and bonding strength performance. 

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  • Hot Melt Glue
    High quality hot melt glue for baby diaper diapers Raw Materials-Rubber Elastic Spandex Hotmelt adhesive glue 2.Good initial tack, light color, excellent anti-aging properties, strong peeling strength, excellent adhesion on non-woven fabric such as PP and PE etc. 3.FR-3565 is a hot melt adhesive designed for strand (elastic) attachment of diapers.  With light initial color, good heat-stability and excellent sprayability, it can well bond PE film, non-woven and rubber strands. Creep-resistance of final diapers can be controlled satisfactorily.

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