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popular Hydrophilic Spun bond Nonwoven Fabric
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Product Details

Breathable Hydrophilic Spun bond Nonwoven for Adult Diaper

 ²  Product Snapshot



Spun bond

Basic weight


Tensile strength (MD)

12-35N/5 cm

Tensile strength (CD)

3.5-12N/5 cm

Elongation (MD)


Elongation (CD)


Normal strike-through time

<3 sec.


approx. 0.13g

Run off


Specific gravity


       adult diaper raw materials manufacturer in China

Hydrophilic Spun bond Nonwoven Fabric for adult diapers

²  Unique Features

l  SS polypropylene Spun-bond nonwoven for adult diaper raw materials is made of 2 layers

     polypropylene Spun-bond, which is consist of continuous super-fine filament, with good uniformity, 

     good tensile strength and elongation.

l Hydrophilic Spun bond Nonwoven Fabric is very light and polypropylene is the main raw material.

l Hot sale Spun bond Nonwoven Fabric is fleecy and touches well, giving softness to users' skin.

l  Adult diaper used nonwoven fabric has great filtering and breathable capacity, offering comfort for users.

l  High quality Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric has excellent flexibility because it is made up of microfiber 

    (2-3D) and DOT by DOT thermo-melt formed,

l  Spun-bond Nonwoven fabric performs well in diffusivity and water absorption.

       hydrophilic nonwoven fabric for adult diaper

²  The role of hydrophilic Nonwoven in adult diapers


   Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric used in adult diapers is the main top sheet, the top surface that is in contact with the users' skin. It allows the liquids to flow into the diaper core. The surfactant treatment in nonwoven reduces the surface tension of the nonwoven, reduces the contact angle with the liquid and allows it to pass. Flow dynamics within the diaper core prevent liquids from returning to the surface

  adult diaper raw materials suppliers

²  Packaging& Delivery

 l  Packaging: Packed in wrapping films

 l  Delivery: Within 15-20 Days after receiving the deposits

  ²  About Us

           Quanzhou Niso Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of baby diaper raw materials, adult diaper raw materials, sanitary napkin raw materials all in one. 

           adult diaper raw materials suppliers in China


  ²  Our Strength

 l   1.  CE,ISO,SGS certificate for hygiene raw materials, non woven, back sheet, hook &loop, spandex, waist band. Global famous brand for pulp, SAP, glue.

 l  2.  International standard lab testing for raw materials & ready products.

 l  3.  Professional service team: 5 overseas sellers with more than 5 years experience, 3 lab technicians with more than 10 years experience, 3 QC with more than 5 years experience.

 l  4.  Export more than 1000 containers raw materials per year to Asia, Africa, Mid-east, America, Europe             countries.

 l  5. All-round service for whole industry including raw materials offer & testing, ready product offer & testing, machine offer & suggestion, Chinese technician offer and so on.

adult diaper raw materials manufacturers in China

adult diaper raw materials suppliers in China

 ²  Our Promise

  l  Reliable Quality

  l  Competitive Price

  l  Timely Delivery

  l  Satisfactory Service

adult diaper raw materials suppliers

   ²  Contact Info

     Contacts: Amy                                                  

           Tel: 0086-595-87619521  

           Mob: 0086-150 6095 1033

           Skype: amy_niso


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