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Fluff Pulp for Pet Pad Underpad   

 Raw Material            Untreated Pulp   /  Treated Pulp                      
 Brand Name       Golden Island, Weyerhaeuser, International Paper, Domta
 Usage                                   Baby Diaper/ Adult Diaper / Sanitary Napkin / Nursing Pad / Under Pad
 Pulp Style        Virgin                 
 Width (cm)        25-125
 Diameter (cm)        115-152
 Core Dia. (cm)        7.6
 Packing        2 rolls / pack

Technical data sheet of the fluff pulp for pet pad underpad

 Pulping Process        Kraft   
 Bleaching Process   ECF      
 Wood Species  Southern   
 FQA Length Weighted (mm)  2.4   
 Kajaani Length Weighted (mm)  2.7 
 Basis Weight (g/m2)  765
 Caliper (mm)  1.27    
 Density (g/cc)   0.55    
 Mullen (kPa)   1,100-1,300  
 Moisture (%)   8.0   
 Extractives (%)   0.03  
 Brightness (ISO)   88.0  
 PH range   5.0-6.5 
 Kamas Energy (kWh/ton)   26-29
 Fiberization (%)   95.0 
 Specific Absorption (sec/g)  < 0.75 s
 Specific Capacity (g/g)    9.5   


Advantage for pet pad underpad fluff pulp

1. Bleached without elemental chlorine. 

2.High quality cellulose pulp exhibiting excellent absorbency, wicking and fluff pad integrity. 3.Designed to fiberize with a low energy requirement while maintaining excellent fiberization quality.

Why Choose us?

1.  CE,ISO,SGS certificate for hygiene raw materials, non woven, back sheet, hook &loop, spandex, waist band.      Global famous brand for pulp, SAP, glue.

2.  International standard lab testing for raw materials & ready products.

3.  Professional service team: 5 overseas sellers with more than 5 years experience, 3 lab technicien with more than 10 years experience, 3 QC with more than 5 years experience.

4.  Export more than 1000 containers raw materials per year to Asia, Africa, Mid-east, America, Europe countries.

5. All-round service for whole industry including raw materials offer & testing, ready product offer & testing, machine offer & suggestion, chinese technicien offer and so on.

About us:

baby diaper_adult diaper_sanitary napkin raw materials

baby diaper_adult diaper_sanitary napkin raw materials

 china baby adult diapers raw materials

Contacts: Amy     

Tel: 0086-595-87619521  

Mob: 0086-150 6095 1033

Skype: amy_niso   



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