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Raw Material for Baby Diaper Making Sap Powder MSDS Super Absorbent Polymer
  • High Absorbency SAP
  • white
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Product Details
Raw Material for Baby Diaper Making SAP Powder MSDS Super Absorbent Polymer

Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) is a highly water-absorbent macro molecular 
material.It can absorb water up to several hundred times its weight. In addition,

it's non-toxic,odorless and nonpolluting. 

Super Absorbent Polymers(SAP)
 is copolymerized by acrylate, which is a functional polymer material with super water absorbing capacity.    
Super Absorbent Polymer for diaper
Diaper using SAP is of good permeability, strong absorptive capacity and maintainance ability and return infiltration and phenomenon will not happen under a certain pressure. Besides, the acrylice monomer residue of our SAP complies with international standards.
Super Absorbent Polymer for Sanitary napkin
Fast suction, good blood affinity, high absorption capacity, good gel strength, moisture resistance.  Sanitary Absorbent Polymer applies advanced production technology and has the characters of low monomer residue, non-toxic, no smell and mo- stimulation to skin.  It also has strong absorption capacity and water retention ability in women's sanitary napkin to keep it dry and comfortable.

Type Diaper raw materials
Classification SAP
Age group Babies
Appearance White granules or powder
Mesh 30-80
Content ≥93min
Water content (%) ≤7
PH value 6-8
Water absorbency g/g ≥500
Suction speed g/g.min ≥40
Brine absorption capacity g/g(0.9% NaCl solution ≥40
Thermal stability (100°C,1h) Not degenerate
Inhibitor (MEHQ) Wt,ppm 200+20(As agreed upon between the buyer and the seller)
Place of origin Japan

Packing & Delivery

Question Answer
1. Can I get free samples? Yes, we will mail samples you request as fast as possible.
2. Which products suit us? We will recommend products to you based on your application areas and environment. You can place a trial order upon satisfactory test of samples.
3. How can you ensure the quality to us? 1. Guarantee of advanced equipment and technology in industry and strict ex-factory test;
2. Effective use and stability of product ensured by on long-term on-location test;
3. Trusted brand by many leading filter factories
4. What is your production capacity for Polyacrylamide More than 40000tons annual year
5. We want be your agent of our area? How to apply for this Send email to us directly. We can discuss terms and conditions.

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