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Wetness Indicating Adhesive
  • China
  • Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Xiamen
  • Transparent yellow
  • 1ton
  • 15days for Hot Melt Glue for Baby Diaper
  • TT,L/C
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Product Details

Wetness Indicating Adhesive

Key Benefits

  • High humidity resistance virtually eliminates premature colour change
  • Improved thermal stability with good machining as compared to competitive wetness indicators
  • Distinct colour happens immediately in response to wetness and is a definitive visual change that lasts

Technique date

Product Type :

Hot Melt Glue


Synthetic Resins



Ring and Ball softening point:

 73 ºC

180°peel strength to steel

> 15N/inch

Regular temperature:

140~170 ºC

Shelf Life:

1Year in dry and cool environment


20kgs /carton, cakes wrapped with specially-designed meltable film.

Features and Benefits

  • Hydralert technology
  • Humidity resistant
  • Distinct color change after insult
  • Wash out resistant
  • Low odor
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Wide operating window
  • pH independent
  • Reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction by reducing premature color change



Fuller Wetness Indicator Glue

wetness indicating adhesive

Why Choose us?

1.  CE,ISO,SGS certificate for hygiene raw materials, non woven, back sheet, hook &loop, spandex, waist band.      Global famous brand for pulp, SAP, glue.

2.  International standard lab testing for raw materials & ready products.

3.  Professional service team: 5 overseas sellers with more than 5 years experience, 3 lab technicien with more than 10 years experience, 3 QC with more than 5 years experience.

4.  Export more than 1000 containers raw materials per year to Asia, Africa, Mid-east, America, Europe countries.

5. All-round service for whole industry including raw materials offer & testing, ready product offer & testing, machine offer & suggestion, chinese technicien offer and so on.

About us:

China Hotmelt Adhesive for DiaperHotmelt Adhesive for Baby Diaper Raw Material SupplierHotmelt Adhesive for Diaper

Contacts: wendy

Tel: 0086-595-87619521

Mob: 0086-150 6088 1636

Skype: wendy_niso



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